Registration to swim meets for members

If you are a member of ACC and want to register for most swim meets taking place in Quebec, you need to follow the following procedure. This will ensure that all the team’s entries will be sent together.

These instructions apply only to swimming competitions. For other sports, please consult with their respective coordinators.

Steps to register for a swim meet

  1. To register, contact Pablo Conde :
  2. Benoit will send you a confirmation in which the amount to pay will be marked.
  3. Return your payment (a check to the order of ACC) to Audrey Laisney, Treasurer

Please make note of the amount to pay. (If you forget it, only the registrar will be able to tell you what it is because only he has access to this information. There is no point in trying to ask anyone else.)  Thank you for your cooperation.

Remember that you don’t have to worry about paying for the relays. ACC takes care of paying those registration fees for everyone!

Thank you and have a great meet!