Who are we?

quiÀ Contre-Courant is Montreal’s gay and lesbian masters’ swim club. Besides swimming, it offers its members water polo and synchronized swimming. These activities are open to all adults, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or level of athletic performance.

Schedules and pools

calendrierAll of À Contre-Courant’s workouts normally take place at the swimming pool of the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal, located at 255 Ontario St. East (corner Sanguinet), in Montreal (Sherbrooke or Berri-UQAM metro stations).


adhesion You don’t have to be a champion to participate in À Contre-Courant’s training sessions: we cater to every level of performance. Our year is divided into three sessions (fall, winter, summer), but you can start anytime. It is possible to register for a complete session or to come occasionally and pay for each workout à la carte. In short, flexibility is the key word. And our membership fees are very competitive.

Visiting Montreal?

visiteYou’re in Montreal for a few days or more and don’t want to interrupt your swimming workouts? Why not swim with us! The first visit is free and it costs nothing to try. As well, if you are a member of an IGLA-affiliated team, you can work out with us for free during your stay in town.

Coupe de Montréal

coupeThe invite for dinner following the Meet of the 27th Coupe de Montréal of the master swimmers is out. Dinner will be at 7h00pm. It will be a pleasure to see you all there happy and festive ! Follow the link for reservations, limited attendance.